• Developing creative and bright scientific thinking among people.
  • Keeping in touch with the legacy of Islam, trying to develop the rational Islamic approach to deal with the world.
  • Keeping in touch with other nations of the world and exchange experience with them through the dialogue of civilizations.
  • Considering Humankind as the utmost value in this world.





Dr Mohammed Basil Altaie is a professor of Quantum Cosmology at Yarmouk University, Jordan. He has obtained his Ph.D. from Manchester University (UK) in 1978. Since then he worked on research problems in Quantum Cosmology and published about two dozens of papers in peer reviewed journals like Physical Review and the Institute of Physics journals. Over the last 30 years he has taught many courses on physics at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, these include: Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Scientific Thinking, Mathematical Physics. History and Philosophy of Science. He has published 9 books in Arabic mostly in science and some in science and religion. Recently he published his novel work Daqiq al-Kalām: the Islamic Philosophy of Nature in Arabic which will be published in English also soon. Some chapters from the book are being taught in Turkish and Algerian universities. Professor Altaie is a member of the British Science and Religion Forum and has contributed several papers to conferences held by the Forum. Some of his papers on topics in the philosophy of science have been translated into Turkish and published in Turkish journals. 



  • The Kolbenkian Prize for bright students 1970-1971
  • Mosul University honorarium for writing a book on Relativity Theory 1973.
  • Mosul University honorarium for translating a book on Particle Physics 1974.
  • Government scholarship for Ph.D in Theoretical Physics 1974-1978.
  • Government award for postgraduate excellence 1978.
  • Young scientist award 1981, Sulaymaniah University.
  • Research grant by Yarmouk University 2001.
  • ESSSAT XI conference Scholarship, Iasi , Romania , April 2005.
  • SRF Conference Scholarship on science and religion in Manchester September 11-13, 2006.
  • Research Conference Scholarship for STARS meeting on science and religion in Cancun , Mexico , January 4-7, 2007

Professional Memberships

  1. The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science (Founding membership)..
  2. The Jordanian Astronomical Society (Honary membership)
  3. The Sience and Religion Forum (U.K).
  4. Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( USA ).


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