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It is time for humankind to develop the world and their comprehension to the level of understanding the ultimate destiny of our existence. The lesson that we learned is that such a highly organized and delicately designed universe cannot just be a pointless incident.


Current debated in science and religion raise several important questions about our understanding of the role played by religion in intellectual life.


Professor Dr. Mohammed Basil Altaie 




Planetary nebula Origins


The Planetary Nebula represent the state of death and birth at the same time; where it is the remnant of an older star it could be the birth place of a new star. This is why  I have chosen this image as an icon to my logo. 


This is a kind of emission nebula consisting of an expanding, glowing shell of ionized gas ejected from red giant stars late in their lives. Planetary nebulae usually contain larger proportions of elements such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, and these are recycled into the interstellar medium, greatly enriching galaxy with these heavier elements. These elements are the source of life on planets that may form in the vicinity of that region of space over billions of years again and again. 


As the planetary nebula is the ash of a great star that flourished for billions of years, thus we are the offspring of that ash which is going to be borne anew to built life again and again. 


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In Arabic “Kalām” means speech (or a collection of words). However it also means “dialogue” and this is the meaning which was intended for Islamic Kalām. In its philosophical content, “Kalām” is a collection of concepts, assumptions, principles and problems that tries to explain the relationship between God and the physical world in accordance with the basics of Islamic creed.  


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